[faq question=”Music Selection, can we make our own playlist” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Any DJ should be prepared to listen to his customers’ requests to play appropriate music for their party. A DJ should have a comprehensive collection of music at his disposal. DJ Sussex encourages all clients to supply musical suggestions which we will have ready for your event. This can be done via email or a simple phone call[/faq]

[faq question=”What happens if the AMP Blows up” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Here at DJ Sussex we believe in having backup equipment on hand at every gig. All our DJ’s always bring 2 amps with them as we know even the best equipment can fail.[/faq]

[faq question=”I have seen a local DJ online for £100, why should I use you?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
DJ Sussex only offers the best DJ’s with top of the range equipment, like anything in this world… you get what you pay for. If you want a DJ that will be reliable, turn up on time and make the night one not to be forgotten then its a simple choice.[/faq]

[faq question=”How much do I have to pay to book a DJ?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
We need 50% of the total to secure a booking, this can be paid by Paypal, direct bank transfer or by Cheque.[/faq]

[faq question=”How much extra do you charge for over time?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
The answer to this question really depends on location and how many extra hours you require, best to ask directly.[/faq]

[faq question=”Is it possible to request songs before the event?” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Yes of course, we have a page where you can add the song titles you want this is them emailed to HQ and then a set is made up.[/faq]

[faq question=”Do you hire equipment” dropcap_question=”Q” dropcap_answer=”A”]
Unfortuntely we currently do not hire equipment but we can recommend a few stores, contact us and we can let you know your nearest dealer/shop.[/faq]