Opitional Extras


[info_box_1 title=”Lights”]
£100 for entire event.

Includes 4 intelligent light fixtures: Special effects lighting that produces an impressive, dazzling, “nightclub effect” for your dance floor creating energy and excitement with moving lights and color to enhance the overall visual experience. You can also put spotlights on almost anything in the room (depending on the layout).



[info_box_2 title=”Camera”]

Event Photographer
Do you want high quality pictures of your event? Suitable for press release or just a giggle on Facebook.
Capture the night and never forget with a dedicated person to savoiur those brilliant memories.
£50 for 50 photos on a disc
£70 for 100 photos on a disc
£100 for 200 photos on a disc

Canvas printing available please contact for further prices.




[info_box_3 title=”Action”]

£75 for 3 hours or £30 +pay per item (Small Eye £1, Half Face £2, Whole face £3)

Children’s Parties
Fun, original designs to help your little monster’s or angel’s imagination fly!
Throwing a halloween party? Want everyone to make an effort but know that there will be some that can’t. Get a Facepainter to spice things up and help those get into the spook.
Casual Events
Small Eye, Half face and Whole face applications. Make your party different.
So you have had the speeches and the first dance. But what is next at the Reception? How about facepaint to fit in with the theme of your wedding.

If you would like a special visit before your party to help you get in your fancy dress theme, prices range from £20.



[info_box_3 title=”.”]

£350 for 3 hours

Get your guests in awe as they are whisked into wonder. Card tricks and more..



[info_box_3 title=”.”]
Tarot Reader

£100 for 3 hours

Make your Halloween go bump in the night, spook your guests with tales eerie tales of the past and a insight into the future.

Also for a more tame option, Baby Showers and Engagements are nice events to predict whenyour friends might be lucky enough to celebrate.[/info_box_3]